Factors to Consider Before Hiring the Best and Most Reliable DWI & DUI Attorney in Austin


A drunk driving arrest can have big and severe consequences in your personal and professional life. For instance, it can make you lose your license, pay a huge fine, serve a jail term or leave a criminal history on your record. It is, therefore, wise to look for the best and most reliable DWI and DUI attorney in Austin who will present your case in the most convenient way possible to reduce your penalty or to have your DUI/DWI case dismissed. In this regard, this article will highlight some of the factors that will help you find a reliable DUI or DWI attorney in Austin.

Of course, you need an attorney who specializes in DUI or DWI law. These attorneys know how to deal with local prosecutors, defenses and they understand the applicable law as well as the options you may have regarding your drunk driving case in detail. If you have been charged with DWI, for example, make sure you find the best Austin DWI attorneys. These lawyers know how to use the law and science to evaluate both factual and legal defenses to your DWI to protect your constitutional rights.

Do Your Homework
The best DUI and DWI attorneys in Austin will have your best interest at heart. They will listen to you, understand your lawsuit and assist you in court. However, finding a good lawyer requires some amount of research. As such, take time and research various DWI and DUI lawyers so as to select one who can represent you in court properly. You can start by searching for their names online and on social media platforms. Besides, you can always request your trustworthy friends and relatives for recommendations on who to hire.

You should hire a Board Certified  DWI or Austin DUI lawyer. For this reason, find out if the attorney you want to hire has met all the requirements of the American Bar Association. Apart from that, check if the DWI attorney in Austin is recognized by the National College for DUI Defense Board.

When scouting for the best and most reliable DUI/ DWI attorney in Austin, you need to choose one who has several years of experience in handling DWI/DUI related cases. Hiring an experienced attorney offers you a wide array of benefits. For starters, they understand the court system and know what strategies to apply to win the case.

Hiring a DUI/ DWI attorney in Austin is by no means an easy task. But once you consider the factors mentioned above, this should be a walk in the park. The bottom line is to check the number of years they have been dealing with DUI/ DWI cases, their qualifications, specialization and take time and research various attorneys in Austin.

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